I am a photographer in Hobart Tasmania and while I love all types of photography my real passion is portrait photography. I really love working with people to create images that capture character and personality and are a true reflection of who the person is. I want to work with people to create memories that they want hang on their wall and are proud to show off - photos should be printed and displayed, not just left on CDs, USBs and hard-drives. I also really enjoy working with people on projects that might be a little more individual or creative, especially dance photography, either working together to bring someone else's ideas to life or finding people to help me bring mine to fruition.

My goal is to make a photo shoot as relaxed and as much fun as possible so that your experience is as memorable as the photos we create. 

I have prices and options to suit most people's needs and would love to talk to you about how we might capture the images you are after.

email: umbralimagery@gmail.com

Ph: 0418340831